WarGames 28.5 2022

Atlanta, Ga

Event Location

Coast 2 Coast / National Evaluation Camp (Atlanta, GA)
Price: $95 (Early Registration / After Feb 1, Price will be $120)
* Players must bring their own basketball, water bottle, and lunch

Athlete Information

Emergency Contact & Health Insurance Information

Parental Permission For Emergency Treatment In the event of illness or accident, I give my permission for emergency treatment by qualified medical personnel for my child, and I authorize the person in charge to take my child to: I give consent for the facility and camp directors to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child.

Release of Liability Although the safety of all sport activities is the primary concern, indoor sport activities at Youth Sport Center's facilities may cause injuries and/or death.  I expressly assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against the NW Sports HUB, Northwest Girls Basketball Alliance and the persons in charge/working the camp.

Complete Purchase

$95 per camper (Early Bird Price) - Spots are limited, NO REFUNDS!

Price: $95.00
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