WarGames 28.5 2020

TEAM Registration


Team Registration Process

Team Entry Fee: $185

Registration Deadline: Monday July 15, 2019
Payment Deadline: Monday July 15, 2019
Invite spots are limited and not guaranteed until payment has been made.

Team Coaches must submit rosters prior to July 12th in order to participate. Failure to complete will prohibit teams from competing.

Onsite Check-In is MANDATORY. Only Team Coaches are allowed to enter the Check-In Area. At the Team Coach Check-In Table, each NCAA Certified Team Coach will receive admission credentials, submit roster updates etc. ALL TEAM COACHES MUST WEAR THEIR CREDENTIALS ON THE BENCH AT ALL TIMES.

Players should NOT enter the Team Coach Check-In area. Players are asked to enter through the Players Only entrance. Players will have to show UNIFORMS in order to get into the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


  1. All Team Coaches must bring a valid ID. All Team Coaches must be NCAA certified and listed on the official NCAA roster. Again, all TEAM COACHES MUST BE LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL TEAM ROSTER in order to complete the credential process. Each Team Coach must be present in order to participate to receive credentials to coach on the bench. Each Team Coach will sign off on the roster to confirm attendance.
  2. Double check your NCAA rosters (number of players, correct jersey numbers etc.)
  3. Players are only allowed to play with 1 team the entire tournament and they cannot be listed on 2 NCAA rosters.

Team Coaches wishing to sit on the bench MUST be certified by the NCAA. Certification takes approx. 5-7 business days. Team Coaches MUST comply with all NCAA registration regulations. Every Team Coach must have their USA Gold Basketball and NCAA Basketball Certification license in order to participate in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Athletes/Players MUST comply with all NCAA registration regulations. Every Athlete/Player must have their NCAA Basketball Certification process complete and be listed in the NCAA BBCS system in order to participate in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If coaches and players are not compliant, they will not be allowed to participate in the event. Please see steps below for additional details.

Again, NCAA Certification is mandatory to participate. Here are some quick links to help you become certified:

  1. USA Basketball – Gold Membership
  2. Register with the NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS)
  3. Athlete Registration

For Step by Step Instructions Click Here

Recruitify Hoops Registration Support: If you are unsure or need help, please call Recruitify at 984-444-9187 or you can chat with them using their support chat on their website www.recruififyhoops.com.